Robbinsdale Area Schools

Robbinsdale Middle School Principal Advocates for Change

Shirrie Jackson, Principal of Robbinsdale Middle School, testified to the House Education Policy Committee, along with Dr. Emily Palmer, Principal of Washburn High on Tuesday, Feb. 2. Both are members of the “Good Trouble” Principals group, a coalition of local principals committed to advocating for more equitable educational practices. 

During the presentation, both principals requested additional funding for increased school support staff including psychologists, social workers, mental health therapists, College in the Schools programs, post-secondary enrollment options, summer educational programming, the BARR Program - designed to assist schools in re-aligning existing resources to nurture a unified culture of support and success for every student, and the recruitment and retention of teachers of color. 

Ms. Jackson and Dr. Palmer stressed the importance of updating teaching standards and requirements, changes to funding tied to daily attendance and advocated for full funding for special education and English Language Learner programs. 

“The number one thing we need from the legislature is leadership on racial equity. More people of color must be involved in every aspect of the racial equity leadership conversation to truly get the voices and perspectives needed for change,” said Principal Jackson. “To set a statewide expectation that we are all engaged in the work and a stated understanding that the work is messy and difficult, but we are all in it together.”