Robbinsdale Area Schools
Middle School


Welcome to Robbinsdale Middle School (RMS)! The mission of Robbinsdale Middle School is to provide a safe and nurturing academic community that helps all students develop into principled, lifelong learners and critical thinkers. We will prepare students to take initiative, participate in our global community, and to respect and value multiple perspectives.  

I am proud and honored to be the new principal of Robbinsdale Middle School. Spending the past seven years as a middle school administrator, I can attest to the middle years of education being an exciting, yet challenging time. Students are learning new things, learning more about themselves, and entering the beginning stages of also learning who they want to become in the future. I am grateful to be joining a staff that understands the importance of providing a welcoming and safe environment for our students and families, one where we are committed to building relationships and creating a sense of belonging for EACH student that attends RMS.

I look forward to an amazing school year collaborating and partnering with you as we work to help our students succeed and achieve their goals.

In Partnership,

Cedric Fuller

RMS principal Cedric Fuller